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Duluth is our home! We provide workplace safety training to clients in northern Minnesota including Brainerd, Duluth, Grand Rapids, Hibbing, Ironton, Lutsen, Nisswa, Scanlon and beyond.

We know that what your employees learn in our OSHA compliance training will make your Duluth business and community a safe and better place. Your business creates jobs within Duluth, while it’s our job to ensure everybody gets through their shifts safely. We take things personally because our safety associates live in the towns they serve.

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Our Clients Manufacture, Produce, Design

Our clients in Duluth and surrounding towns include manufacturers and construction companies. They build boats and furniture, produce medical supplies, huge industrial equipment, small specialty parts and unique agricultural equipment. Some run distilleries and some actually make food. They design and build projects like apartment buildings, schools, big box stores, roads, bridges, and homes for their community. Our client list spans many industries, but one thing’s for sure: Duluth-area companies require workplace safety training to ensure the safety and happiness of their employees and clients.

Let Us Provide Workplace Safety Training for Your Duluth Company

Our experienced team of safety associates knows how to help build a strong safety culture. They can help guide you through the steps and customize a workplace safety solution that fits your Duluth business — no matter how big or small — and no matter what community you do business in! We offer everything from OSHA inspection support to customized compliance programs and safety audits. No matter what your need is, we’ll help you ensure your company’s safety.



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