Learning Management System (LMS)

How a Learning Management System (LMS) Can Help You Achieve Your Safety Goals!

A LMS can be an essential tool in your safety program. Our platform is designed to provide the user with multiple training options to meet a variety of needs. Through customized video sessions and interactive eLearning modules, the learner can focus on gaining the knowledge they need on various topics. We believe that engaged learning drives safety champions.

When training is interesting and customized it can help to change behavior, so there are fewer preventable incidents and workers compensation claims, meaning that a learning management system virtually pays for itself!

Jennifer Erickson
LMS Lead
Jennifer Erickson

LMS Benefits

✓ Comprehensive training library – over 35 topics, many available in both English & Spanish

✓ Utilize to conduct monthly, quarterly or annual training – whichever fits your needs

✓ Fills the gap for those who miss training or need supplemental training

✓ Efficient reporting and tracking

✓ Accessible for remote workers

✓ Consistent training for multi-location facilities/jobsites

✓ New Hire Orientation series to enhance onboarding

✓ Builds your safety culture

Contact Jennifer Erickson at jennifer@oecscomply.com to set up a free demonstration or request more information.

What’s Included

  • Video trainings – short 15 to 20-minute training sessions
  • eLearning training modules – interactive learning experiences
  • Spanish available for most content – see list below
  • Unlimited courses – see list below
  • Rosters available
  • Set up, reports, tracking and administration
  • New Hire Orientation video trainings

Add-on Package or Standalone Offering Recorded Toolbox Talks

  • 52 pre-recorded toolbox talks
  • Downloadable PDF that includes a roster
  • Available in English & Spanish
  • Unlimited users
  • Includes set up, monthly reports and administration


AWAIR/Risk Management/SHLP*^#Forklift BasketsMobile Earthmoving Equipment^
Back Injury Prevention^#Forklift Rough Terrain^PPE*^#
Bloodborne Pathogens*^#Hand and Power Tools^Pump Jack/Ladder Jack Scaffold^
Cold Stress^#Hazard Communication/MN ERTK*^#Respiratory Protection^#
Confined Space^#Hearing Conservation^#Rigging-Basic^
Crane & Hoist Safety^#Heat Stress^#Scaffolding^
Crane Signal for Construction^Hot Work/WeldingSilica Awareness^#
Electrical Safety for Unqualified Workers*^Housekeeping and Ladder Safety^#Skid Steer Training
Emergency Action Plans^#Ladder Safety^#Slips Trips & Falls *#
Fall Protection*^#Lead Awareness^Trenching & Excavating*^#
Fire Prevention*^#Lockout Tagout^#Workplace Violence
Forklift Safety^#Machine Guarding*#

* Indicates available as an eLearning
^ Indicates available in Spanish
# Indicates new hire