Learning Management System (LMS)

How a Safety Learning Management System (LMS) Can Help You Achieve Your Safety Goals!

LMS by OECS can give you a foundation for making safety a standard operating procedure. This convenient offering ensures that all employees are trained properly on essential topics. Safety training that’s interactive and engaging is a key part to building a strong safety culture!

When training is interesting and customized it can help to change behavior, so there are fewer preventable incidents and workers compensation claims, meaning that a safety learning management system virtually pays for itself!

What to Expect From LMS

✓ Provides training to enhance learning

✓ Ensures all employees are trained on essential topics

✓ Provides critical training for new hires

✓ Delivers reports to track training attendance, needs, engagement and possible expiration dates

✓ Reduces travel time for out-of-town employees

✓ Can provide Spanish content

Contact Jennifer Erickson at jennifer@oecscomply.com to set up a demonstration or request more information.

Training Plans

SolutionCore Basic
Core PlusCustom
DescriptionBasic compliance &
annual requirements
Compliance training & additional required topicsComprehensive training & customized content
Courses AvailableUp to 15 coursesUp to 25 coursesAll available courses + custom content

The Custom Plan includes OECS helping you put together a new hire training video, as well as the ability to add your own content. For example, if you have HR-related content or other topics you would like to add outside of safety, the OECS LMS platform can help you deliver these to your employees. Contact OECS and our LMS expert can tell you more!

All plans include setup, administration, reporting, licensing fees and support. Plans renew on an annual basis. Custom packages include time to develop your company’s customized training content plan.


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Back Injury PreventionForklift Rough TerrainPersonal Protective Equipment – PPE
Bloodborne PathogensHand & Power Tool SafetyRespiratory Protection
Cold StressHazard Communication/Employee Right-to-KnowRigging
Confined SpaceHearing ConservationScaffolding
Crane & Hoist SafetyHeat StressSilica Awareness
Electrical SafetyHot Work/WeldingSkid Steer Training
Emergency Action PlanHousekeeping/Slips, Trips & FallsTrenching & Excavating
Fall ProtectionLadder SafetyAnd more – contact us for your specific needs
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