Safety Management Services & Awareness

Millions of people live near chemical plants in the United States, with the potential for an accidental release that could cause severe injury and death from poisoning, asphyxiation and internal or external burns.  Since these hazardous materials are toxic, reactive, flammable and explosive, they require specific Process Safety Management to protect people who work in the plant.


OECS professionals will thoroughly examine the facility, identifying the dangers of highly hazardous chemicals, including a site-specific review and recommendations which could include:

  • Highly hazardous chemicals
  • Process hazard analysis
  • Operating procedures
  • Training
  • Contractor responsibility
  • Pre-start-up procedures
  • Mechanical integrity
  • Hot work
  • Management of change
  • Incident investigation
  • Emergency planning
  • Compliance audits by PE


A written Process Safety Management plan will address the hazards and outline a safety process, including the following requirements:

  • Written safety information
  • Written workplace hazard assessment
  • Consultation with operators
  • A system to respond to findings
  • Periodic review of assessments and response
  • Written operating procedures
  • Safety training and operating information
  • Information and training for contractors
  • Emergency response training
  • A quality assurance program
  • Maintenance system
  • Pre-startup safety reviews
  • Documentation and verification of change
  • Incident investigation and corrective action

With guidance from OECS, you will be able to fulfill OSHA requirements and establish a Safety Management Process that protects everyone who works at your facility.


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