Workplace Safety Assessments

Optimize Compliance with Workplace Safety Assessments

Workplace Safety Assessments maximize your company’s safety to ensure you are compliant with important workplace requirements. When you team up with our workplace safety professionals, you’ll gain a better understanding of the compliance requirements and solutions to hazards you might not be aware of within your workplace. There is truth in the adage, “You can’t change what you don’t know.” Leverage our knowledge and guidance so that your safety and compliance is optimized!

What is a Workplace Safety Assessment?

In a workplace safety assessment, our professional staff assesses your company’s structure for safety effectiveness and compliance, identifying where additional efforts are needed and highlighting what your company is doing well. Once evaluated, you work with OECS to create an action plan to correct hazards, improve procedures, and maintain strengths.


Ensuring the safety and health of your employees is the right thing to do. It’s also the required thing to do. The health and safety consultants at OECS are dedicated to helping your company – not just legally, but also financially. Our workplace safety assessments actually promote productivity and profits by identifying hazards that create accident loss to your company. Accident loss is not and should not be a budgeted line item. Keep your company’s name in a good light and contact the professionals at OECS for a business safety assessment.

Risk Assessment

Our safety professionals evaluate your workplace from a regulatory and worker’s compensation insurance viewpoint. Daily work procedures are then reviewed to evaluate potential losses.


Every company has various levels of risk.  OES can help you recognize risks, so you can minimize exposure to your employees.

Minimize Issues

Reduce the amount of work-related sick time, injuries, disabilities, and even deaths by working with OECS to create a safer work environment and enhance training.

Take Action

Resolve any safety or environmental issues discovered as a result of our safety assessment. We’ll help save you the cost of an injury and/or OSHA, environmental, or DOT compliance violations.


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Contact OECS for timely and professional solutions to workplace safety questions, issues, hazards, or concerns.  Our safety consultants are available 24/7 to ensure your safety needs are met.

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