Safety Committee Support

Build a Better Safety Culture

Should you have a safety committee in your workplace? Whether you are required to have a safety committee due to regulatory compliance, number of employees or state guidelines, it is certainly a good idea to have one.

Every employer would agree they do not want to see any of their employees get injured. Establishing a safety committee is one exceptional tool to help minimize an employee’s exposure or potential to injury, accidents and illness.

OECS can help start a Safety Committee from the ground up or meet you where you are at.  Our team will provide a “How to Guide” which consists of establishing the committee structure, agendas, topics, utilizing audit results, implementing a Safety Scorecard, etc. After a Safety Committee has been established, an OECS Associate can serve as a liaison to answer questions and create goals.


OECS will participate and provide professional expertise, answer questions, and provide any support necessary for the Safety Committee and members.


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