Mobile Elevated Work Platform Risk Assessment

Great care must be taken to improve safety in the design, use and training of MEWPs

The new ANSI A92 standards require everyone who uses a Mobile Elevating Work Platform (MEWPs) to reevaluate or create a safe use plan, including a step-by-step process for assessing risks and hazards on a job. Operators have died when trapped in the MEWP or when the machine has overturned. Great care must be taken to improve safety in the design, use and training of MEWPs. Formerly called aerial work platforms, MEWP standards affect all owners, operators and supervisors of aerial lifts, including booms and scissor lifts.

Our training agenda includes:

  • Control measures that make using MEWPs in the workplace safer.
  • How your company can get certified by attending a recognized operator training course.
  • Requirements for inspection, maintenance and examination.
  • The most fatal and serious injuries involving MEWPs.
  • The types of MEWPs and why it’s critical to minimize risks associated with each type of equipment.
  • What specific training must be provided to operators and their supervisors by the company.

Work with OECS to get the appropriate classroom and hands-on training your team needs in order to be in compliance and operate the equipment safely.


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