Remote Virtual Inspections for Construction Site Safety

Construction Site Safety Inspection Made Easy

Remote Virtual Inspections (RVI) allow for jobsite owners and contractors to accomplish their job site safety inspection with the inspection team virtually. This method of virtual site inspection has boomed in popularity in recent years and offers many advantages for jobsite owners by cutting all travel expenses for the inspection team.

OECS has now made it possible for our safety experts to audit your construction site or facility anywhere in the country. We have helped numerous companies as their go-to industrial safety and construction safety consultants.

Keeping your jobsite compliant is essential for your team to continue their work and feel safe doing so. Our remote virtual inspections will keep your environment prepared for its next OSHA inspection and ensure you’re passing all regulations.

Advantages of Virtual Site Safety Inspections

  • Real-time feedback and documentation
  • No travel expenses
  • On-demand anytime
  • Easily assist with OSHA visits
  • Accident investigations made easy
  • OECS can reach you anywhere anytime

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What’s In A Virtual Site Inspection Audit

Safety inspection checklists are all over. What OECS supplies is an audit that’s tailored to your specific site. This allows our team to recommend safety measures that will keep your workforce safe and OSHA off your back.

Our remote virtual inspections will assess:

  • Employee knowledge and training — Helping assess and improve safety aptitude of all employees
  • Safety documentation — Improving distribution of employee handbook, policy manual and emergency action plans
  • Equipment — Ensuring availability of personal protective equipment (PPE), adequate equipment training, fire extinguisher access, presence of machine guarding, and placement of fire extinguishers and clean-up materials
  • Chemical usage — Creating an inventory for your chemicals and Safety Data Sheets
  • Building and grounds — Employee access to proper lighting, exit signs, first aid kits, trip hazards eliminated, safe stairways, and more

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