When Should Hearing Protection Be Required?

Print Article as PDF Hearing protection is an important part of industrial safety. Our workplace safety consultants have a number of helpful tips to determine the best ways to implement good hearing protection practices. Hearing protection should be required when: Employees are exposed to workplace noise during an 8-hour work shift, in which the noise […]

Extension Cord Hazards

Print Article as PDF   Extension cords (cord sets), cables, and electrical cords are types of flexible cords. Flexible cords and cables are used to connect electrical equipment to a power source. Learn about mitigating cord and cable hazards with this information from the OECS safety consultants. Scenarios The office doors do not seal well, allowing […]

Zero Accidents

What does “Zero Accidents” mean and why is it important to a company? Simply stated it means “No Accidents”.  Seems simple enough to describe but it gets a little more complicated when we think about how to achieve it. The first thing we need to do is identify the causes of accidents or other “Loss […]

OSHA Approved First Aid Kits???

What’s in your first aid kit?  Do you even have one?  What’s required in a first aid kit? And – Does OSHA even require or approve first aid kits? Workplace hazards vary widely.  What influences the contents of a First Aid kit and the number of First Aid kits needed would be the size of […]

BREAKING NEWS – OSHA Penalties Update

OSHA penalties will be adjusted for inflation after August 1 A few months ago, we brought you the news of OSHA penalties on the rise. Since then, OSHA has determined that effective August 1, 2016, penalties will be adjusted upwards. How does this affect you and your bottom line? Previously, a “serious” violation had a […]

Welcome To The OECS Blog

OECS provides OSHA, Environmental, and DOT compliance services to companies that do not have the resources to hire a full-time safety professional. Be sure to check back soon as we will be consistently adding new information on regulations, compliance, and other workplace safety systems.

The Perfect Storm – An Employer’s Worst Nightmare

An employee gets hurt and is sent to the hospital. OSHA now needs to be called. A day later, another employee calls OSHA on an employee complaint. What could be worse? OSHA shows up to investigate the employee complaint. OSHA also discovers that the company’s name has come up on a random list for a […]

What is the Employers Safety Responsibilities for Temporary Workers

Do you hire temporary workers? Do you direct hire temporary employees or do you use a staffing agency? What are your responsibilities with regards to training? If you use a staffing agency, who is responsible for safety training? These are important questions to ask yourself when hiring temporary employees. In the eyes of OSHA, both the […]

Injury and Illness Recordkeeping Requirements

Each year between February 1st and April 30th, employers are required to post a copy of OSHA’s Form 300A, which summarizes job-related injury and illness logged during 2015.  This must be displayed in a common area where notices to employees are usually posted. If you employ more than ten people and you are not classified […]

OSHA Penalties on the Rise

In the recent Bipartisan Budget Act of 2015, there is a provision for an increase in OSHA penalties and will be based on the Consumer Price Index. Every year, starting January 2017, there will be updates to civil penalties and published by January 15th of each year. Part of this Act contains a provision to […]