Workplace Violence Prevention Consulting

What You Need to Know

Fact: You are eighteen times more likely to encounter an active shooter or incident of workplace violence in your place of business than a fire. Workplace violence has become so prevalent that an aggressive intruder or an active shooter must be considered a risk to employee safety. OSHA says, under the General Duty Clause, that the employer must provide a safe work environment.

Plan For It

The liabilities and responsibilities of business owners and leaders are immense. Planning and preparation are key, but only talking about it or watching a video is not enough. Avoid injury, productivity loss, employee turnover, and even death by relying on OECS’s deep expertise.

Our workplace safety consultants offer:

  • A plan for your leadership team, employees, and facilities
  • Practice for a potential event – these exercises are known to save people’s lives
  • Proactively identifying early indicators of potential problems down the road
  • Training for all levels to raise confidence and be prepared


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