Why Workplace Safety is Important

Recent developments with COVID-19 have brought a new level of urgency to the Business Case for Safety. Understanding the business case in the context of a pandemic will help your company grasp the huge human and financial risks at stake.

Safety = Profitability

OSHA research shows an effective workplace safety program saves $4 to $6 for every $1 invested! Many businesses miss out on this benefit because they are too busy or do not have access to the right expertise. That’s where we thrive – creating a sustainable plan that puts you in control and drives the benefits.

OSHA Regulations

The next generation of OSHA investigators have been trained and are enforcing the rules as stringently as ever. With OSHA increasing in-person inspections to protect workers, staying up to date on regulations is more important than ever. We can work closely with you to be at your best and help mitigate any fines you may have.

Recruiting Top Talent

Surveys show workplace safety is becoming a more important part of the decision-making process about where to work. We help with training from new employee orientation to ongoing safety training. This investment in safety training attracts and retains top talent.


Your Customers

Your customers are raising expectations on workplace safety and sustainability when choosing suppliers and partners. By working with OECS, we help you put a simplified plan in place, that produces tangible results. This in turn boosts their confidence in your company to meet and exceed their requirements now and into the future.

Insurance Companies

Insurance companies are under incredible pressure to make a profit in the face of rising costs. You need to improve your performance to get the best rates. A documented, thorough plan demonstrates your ability to reduce risk and be a company any insurer would want to cover.

Workplace Violence

Safety is getting more complex as OSHA expects employers to actively manage workplace violence risks. Businesses that encounter violent events often have no idea of the level of disruption it can cause. Our trained experts can develop a strategy to address the unthinkable.

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