How to Build A Strong Safety Culture

The OECS mission is “To inspire strong safety cultures”. After almost 30 years in the safety business, we’ve learned that leadership drives culture and culture drives safety. A strong safety culture can positively impact everything – productivity, recruitment, retention, morale, customer satisfaction – and the bottom line.

We’ve witnessed across hundreds of clients, in both manufacturing and construction, this storyline playing out time and time again: Without committed, engaged leadership, the prospects of having a strong safety culture are slim with opportunity to capture the benefits gone.

We’ll help you to build a strong safety culture

A strong safety culture is shared throughout the company, from the CEO through the entire organization. This includes utilizing key concepts from the book, Safety 24/7, by Greg Anderson. Our clients love how his approach simplifies the concepts you’ll need to bring your safety culture to the next level, including advice on:

  • Defining safety culture and how you can shape it in your company
  • Gaining management buy-in to be leaders in safety culture development
  • Identifying and addressing the common barriers of a safety culture that are difficult to overcome
  • Moving from compliance to a core value and belief in safety culture

Help accelerate your company’s commitment to safety. It’s our mission to inspire. Let’s talk more about how we can help your company.



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