Peace of mind comes from knowing you’re working with a workplace safety company that follows a proven process. Our safety consultants work closely with your business to customize the process to fit your specific compliance and training requirements, so you can keep your workers safe and healthy, as well as boost the bottom line benefits to your company.

Our experts work with you to quickly identify your safety needs through audits, gap analysis and stakeholder discussions
We create a workplace safety plan designed specifically to meet your company’s needs, goals and industry requirements
We work side by side with you to implement your Safety Plan, document your progress, attend safety committee meetings and ultimately build a strong safety culture. If you have an OSHA visit, we’re available 24/7/365
We provide customized training with world-class presenters who are Toast Masters certified and use state-of-the-art equipment to engage employees and help the training stick
Our experts provide onsite audit support so you can be proactive with safety, remain compliant and be OSHA ready

Trust the OECS Advantage

To make sustainable improvements in your business, a proven process is essential. OECS has developed a Safety Proven Process that enables our clients to excel at building a strong safety culture!

Proven Process with You in Control

Rely on a formula for success that has been refined over decades and has supported hundreds of companies like yours

Accessible to You 24/7/365

Your safety questions, accidents and OSHA visits aren’t pre-scheduled – we promise the flexibility you need

Field-Tested Safety Experts

Work with a team that has over 250 years of combined general industry, manufacturing and construction safety experience

Customized Programs

Instead of cookie-cutter, off-the-shelf solutions, choose safety programs and training built specifically for your company

Simplified Safety Plan

Being too busy for safety will cost you. Let us help you take control by simplifying your safety plan and making it truly useable

Real-Life, Hand-On Experience

Our safety professionals have walked in your shoes. With decades of industry experience, you can be assured of proven solutions that will work reliably to keep your employees safe

Commitment to Education

We understand the importance of having a trusted resource on the ever-changing landscape of safety regulations and training. Dedicated to life-long learning, we are up-to-date and have your back!

Relationship-Oriented Team

Our safety consultants each serve around 20 clients, instead of hundreds you may see with other companies offering safety help. Our dedication to deeper client relationships builds trust and peace of mind, knowing that we are available when you need us


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