Knowledge is Power

Occupational safety audits are a great tool to judge your current strengths and opportunities to improve. When you request an audit through OECS, a trained specialist will go through your procedures and facility to point out the safe and hazardous aspects of your worksite. We offer our workplace safety audits as a cost effective way to improve safety and efficiency. You get an extra benefit of impacting insurance premiums by lowering the number of accidents and providing a safety structure to your company.

If you decide to move forward with a safety audit from OECS, you can shine a light on issues that companies in all industries often forget to address. Identifying opportunities for improvement in a workplace results in a number of benefits that might not be immediately obvious:

  • A greater understanding of potential costly risks
  • Demonstrates to current and candidate employees that you prioritize safety
  • Improved ability to speak about concerns during OSHA inspections
  • An outside perspective on issues that have previously been forgotten

Simplify Safety with an OECS Audit

Unlike other safety consulting firms, our workplace safety audits are never intended to leave you alone with a long list of complex “to-do” items. All of our audits are clean, clear, and come with detailed explanations that guide you to corrective actions you can take – with our support! Additionally, all issues are prioritized so that you’re making the most of your time. Have a unique requirement or jobsite? We’ll do the research and leverage our vast network to get you answers.

Why OECS’s Audits?

There are many benefits to getting the perspective of an outside party when reviewing your safety practices. Our workplace safety audits can be highly revealing, helping you see the risks that your team walks by every day. We also employ former OSHA inspectors and current OSHA experts to clarify grey areas and give you an idea of how an actual OSHA visit will go. Audits aren’t one-time services either – we customize audit frequency to help you continually improve and track your progress. Our clients with the best safety records are vigilant about OECS visiting them regularly to build the safety culture.

Simplify and Improve Workplace Safety

OSHA standards have been set in place for good reason, but that doesn't always make them easy to comply with. Are you are concerned about your approach to workplace safety, OSHA inspections, or violations? If you would like to increase your company or jobsite's chances of passing an upcoming inspection with flying colors, we are your best resource. Before OSHA comes to your workplace, be prepared by contacting the OECS safety professionals for a comprehensive audit and action items.