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Workplace Safety Webinar Series
Thursday, May 5, 2022 – 11 AM to Noon
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This event is for business owners, presidents, safety, HR and plant management, construction superintendents and project managers


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Thursday, May 5, 2022
11:00 AM Presentation
11: 45 AM Q &A
12:00 PM Available for follow-up calls


Have you ever wondered what standards OSHA cites the most each year? In Oct 2021, OSHA released the preliminary data for the “Top 10” most cited standards for fiscal year 2021, which includes violations cited between Oct 1, 2020, and Sept 30, 2021. The citations are a combination of both 1926 and 1910 standards.

The OSHA Top 10 list reminds us why we must continue to focus on persistent safety risks as we navigate new challenges. This data helps us pinpoint areas of improvement, so we can better prioritize the right things when developing our safety programs.

This webinar will examine the top citations for 2021. Our presenters will break down each citation and explain the differences between serious and non-serious, or other language that may affect your citation or inspection frequency. We will also make recommendations that could prevent your organization from becoming another statistic in 2022.

in this free Webinar we will:

  • Explain the top 10 OSHA citable offenses of 2021.
  • Define a serious offense and top 10 serious citations.
  • Learn the definition of a willful and top 10 willful citations.
  • Review what MNOSHA and federal OSHA are currently emphasizing


Kasey Clowe, CSP, is a regional director, starting with OECS in 2020, after serving for 20 years as safety director for a commercial construction company. His work included being directly responsible for managing the safety and risk associated with construction projects and company operations. Projects included US Bank Stadium, Target Field, Bill Snyder Family Stadium, TCO Performance Center, Soldier Field and many high-rise buildings across the country.

Donna Hetland, CSP, is responsible for providing safety services to clients throughout central and western Minnesota. She has 23 years in education and earned her CSP through the Board of Certified Safety Professionals. Donna has been a safety professional for over 17 years and has assisted many clients in agriculture, construction and general Industry.

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