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Workplace Safety Webinar Series
Thursday, March 10, 2022 – 11 AM to Noon


This event is for business owners, presidents, safety, HR and plant management, construction superintendents and project managers


What is Industrial Hygiene and how does it fit into a company’s overall Safety and Health program and culture? Please join us for an informative webinar, where we will cover Industrial Hygiene, environmental health, and the benefits of managing chemical and environmental exposures.

Our Industrial Hygiene process begins with a discussion about specific needs and how we can most effectively help with various situations. We will help you understand the results of monitoring and how they compare with OSHA standards. We will also discuss the effectiveness of existing control measures including process ventilation, work practices and PPE usage.

With regard to environmental compliance, we will review the types of wastes and pollutants generated from production processes and the quantities of hazardous substances kept on the worksite to determine compliance needs.

This Free Webinar will:

  • Provide an understanding of how health hazards can be identified, assessed, and controlled.
  • Summarize OSHA standards that regulate occupational health.
  • Review the role of the MN Pollution Control Agency in protecting the public and environment.
  • Summarize requirements for managing environmental health.
  • Discuss how improved management of health and environmental risks can benefit your company’s culture.


Dave Ferkul, CIH, CSP, is a safety consultant focusing on delivering industrial hygiene and environmental services. Prior to joining OECS, he served as an industrial hygiene and safety professional for over 34 years, the majority with the MN Department of Labor and Industry. He initially worked as an MNOSHA compliance investigator and later transferred to MNOSHA Workplace Safety Consultation (WSC). Dave has worked with the MNSHARP and MNSTAR safety recognition programs and the Safety Grants program and WSC’s Alliance Program.

Mike Maiers, CSP, ARM, ALCM, has 30+ years of experience in the insurance industry, providing loss control services both as a field consultant and as a manager. Mike has also served in a safety role in the public sector. He is passionate about helping clients develop and sustain a positive workplace safety culture. His experience includes providing loss control services for a variety of industries, including food processing, retail, wholesale, manufacturing and hospitality.

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OSHA Environmental Compliance Systems (OECS) is the Midwest’s leading consulting firm. For almost 30 years, OECS has provided the highest-quality workplace safety consulting services to small and mid-sized manufacturing and construction firms. We implement a proven process with clients that helps them obtain their safety goals year in and year out.

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