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Workplace Safety Webinar Series

Thursday, February 17, 2022 – 11AM to noon


This event is for business owners, presidents, safety, HR and plant management, construction superintendents and project managers


Struggling with safety? Frustrated with your staff and results? Not sure where to start or what to do? Or perhaps you want to move from good to great? Maybe even wrestling with how to maintain a great safety track record! Wherever your company stands today, this webinar can help you energize your team’s safety efforts.

OECS has been in the safety consulting business for 30 years. We’ve formulated an approach that we’ve seen work effectively with hundreds of companies like yours, for both manufacturing and construction companies that are small, medium and large in size — with experienced safety personnel or without!

We’ve seen time and time again that what it takes to ignite this change is a commitment from leaders like you. As a result, your company can reap the enormous benefits from a strong safety culture. Including a reduction in injury and illness, higher employee retention, cost savings and bottom-line growth.

This webinar has been approved as a Continuing Education (CE) credit by the Midwest Center for Occupational Health and Safety and the University of Minnesota School of Public Health.  If you have questions about earning CEUs, please send an email to

IN THIS WEBINAR, WE WILL cover the 5 c’s of workplace safety:

  • Commitment: Starts at the top with leadership
  • Compliance: Setting the foundation for safety success
  • Culture: Understanding how you build a strong culture
  • Champions: Finding and empowering them
  • Costs: Getting the facts on the business case for safety


Tim Sheehan, is the COO of OECS, is passionate about helping manufacturing and construction firms gain the safety edge so that they can reduce their risk and exposure, while ultimately paying back a healthy return. Prior to OECS, Tim was CEO of Lazydays RV, and spent 30 years at Best Buy in a variety of leadership positions. He is co-owner of OECS with his wife, Chris Naylor, who is also a Certified EOS Implementer for the Traction business growth system.

Tim Peterson, is a 25+-year veteran of OECS, performing thousands of employee trainings, and audits across general industry and construction. As Vice President of Operations and a member of the company’s leadership team, he manages field operations throughout the Midwest, helping clients manage their regulatory issues with his extensive experience.

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rnOSHA Environmental Compliance Systems (OECS) is the Midwest’s leading consulting firm. For almost 30 years, OECS has provided the highest-quality workplace safety consulting services to small and mid-sized manufacturing and construction firms. We implement a proven process with clients that helps them obtain their safety goals year in and year out.

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