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Honoring Excellence in Workplace Safety: 2023 OECS Safety Awards

At OECS, we take pride in partnering with clients who champion safety by driving progress and shaping cultures that prioritize employee well-being. That’s why we’re thrilled to announce the 2023 Annual OECS Safety Award Winners for their outstanding contributions to workplace safety excellence.

Recognizing Safety Trailblazers

The OECS Safety Awards Program is a tribute to our clients’ unwavering dedication to workplace safety. This year, we’re proud to honor twelve exemplary recipients across four distinct award categories, each embodying a unique facet of safety commitment and innovation.

OECS Workplace Safety Pinnacle Award: Setting the Standard

The OECS Safety Pinnacle Award celebrates leaders in Construction and General Industry who have executed their OECS Safety Action Plan with exceptional precision. They are committed to safety and always go above and beyond investing in the safety of their employees. These standout clients have made monumental strides, fortifying their safety cultures and setting industry benchmarks.

  • Lunseth Plumbing & Heating Co.
  • Bodycote Inc., Eden Prairie Division

OECS Workplace Safety Spotlight Award: Celebrating Progress

The OECS Safety Spotlight Award recognizes companies that have demonstrated remarkable progress from the previous year, showing immense growth and dedication to safety enhancement.

  • Sheehy Construction
  • Great States Construction
  • Sheridan Sheet Metal Co.

OECS Workplace Safety Champion Award: Individual Excellence

At the heart of workplace safety are individuals who go above and beyond. The OECS Safety Champion Award acknowledges key partners and individuals who exemplify a fervent dedication to safety and have significantly contributed to their organization’s safety goals.

  • Jason Gordon, Satellite Industries
  • Employees of D&D Commodities, LTD., Stephen & Argyle, MN and Greeley, CO
  • Jesaca Stoesz, Baldwin Supply Company

OECS Workplace Safety Teamwork Award: Collaborative Excellence

Recognizing outstanding Safety Committees, the OECS Safety Teamwork Award celebrates companies that adhere to OSHA guidelines, fostering collaborative and proactive safety initiatives.

Celebrating Safety Leadership

These awards celebrate more than success; they honor a steadfast commitment to cultivating robust safety cultures – where all workers go home safe each day. We extend our gratitude to all our clients, past and present, for their relentless dedication to workplace safety.

Looking to build a strong safety culture for your business? Our Total Safety Solution offers customized programs tailored to your needs. Whether it’s OSHA compliance training, health audits or safety initiatives, we’re here to support your journey toward safety excellence.

Let’s work together for a safer tomorrow! Contact us today for a personalized consultation and empower your team with a culture of safety.