Ways to Help Staff Retain Safety Training with Learning Management Systems

Ways to Help Staff Retain Safety Training with Learning Management Systems

Training employees about workplace safety has become increasingly difficult as attention spans continue to shorten. Employers struggle to inform employees properly about the dangers faced in their work environment.

To overcome these challenges, employers should prioritize safety, ensure management support, involve employees in the training process, use engaging training methods and reinforce safety principles regularly. Additionally, fostering a positive safety culture can significantly improve employee buy-in and commitment to workplace safety.

Learning Management System (LMS) helps employers educate employees in a fixable interactive manner boosting the likely hood of employee retainment. This also can cut safety training time by individually focusing on specific training certain employees may require.

Adult Training Methods in 2023 – The Power of Utilizing a Learning Management System

An adult learner’s goal is to select training, avoid undesired repeats and complete the required training with the minimum amount of time invested. Of course, that’s the organizational goal as well!

System (LMS).  Safety training that’s interactive and engaging is key to building a strong safety culture.  When training is interactive and engaging, there are fewer preventable incidents and workers compensation claims as well.  Read on to learn how LMS could be an important safety solution for your organization:

OECS Learning Management System (LMS)

It’s one thing to deliver the best training possible. But it’s another thing to keep track of all the training provided and match each student’s needs with available training. As adult learners would rather avoid boring training, they’d also like to manage their own training.

Utilizing an LMS can give your company a firm foundation for making safety a standard operating procedure. This convenient offering ensures that all employees are correctly trained on all essential topics.

Here’s what our LMS can do for your company and employees.

  • Provides training to enhance learning through eLearning modules that engage and interact with the learner.
  • Provides video content pertinent to a visual learner.
  • Ensures all employees are trained on essential topics.
  • Provides critical training for new hires.
  • Delivers reports to track training needs, including expiration dates and attendance.
  • Reduces travel time for out-of-town employees.
  • Increases and tracks engagement.
  • Provides Spanish language content.


The employee workforce will continue to change and prefer different styles of learning. You will need to be ready to adapt to the changing workforce and supply them with the tools to correctly train them to avoid workplace incidents.

We Can Help All Your Workplace Safety Issues

Connect with us to learn more about LMS and our Total Safety Solution.  Our safety consultants can customize a plan for your needs to help you achieve your safety goals.

We offer free initial phone consultations. Call 763-417-9599, email us at info@oecscomply.com or complete our contact form, and we’ll be in touch.


There a variety of training plans to suit the needs of the organization for comprehensive safety training along with customized content.  The Custom Plan includes OECS helping create a new hire training video, as well as the ability to add a client’s own content.  For example, for HR-related content or other topics that could be added outside of safety, the OECS LMS platform can help deliver these to employees.

All plans include setup, administration, reporting, licensing fees and support.  Plan review is on an annual basis.  Customer packages include time and develop your company’s customized training content plan.

Take another step toward learning how a safety LMS can help your company achieve its safety goals. See our blog Learning Management Systems and Safety Programs, for more information on learning management systems.


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