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Set a New Year’s Resolution Early – Safety Action Planning!

The end of the year is a great time to reassess what has been accomplished for the year, what didn’t quite get completed, or what simply just fell off the radar.  Having a clear plan for the upcoming year can prove beneficial for identifying and assessing risks and hazards to reduce work-related injuries.  Taking a proactive approach to prioritize your annual plan and set goals could include:

  • improving reporting and investigating near misses
  • encouraging engagement for safety at all levels
  • improving safety training programs
  • implementing new measures to control hazards
  • developing safe work practices
  • creating new ways to communicate about safety and health
  • strengthening your safety culture

Utilizing a Safety Action Plan can help you achieve your goals by: 1) identifying hazards, 2) establishing who’s responsible for eliminating each hazard, 3) planning a course of action to remove the hazards, 4) taking the necessary corrective actions to eliminate the hazards and 5) establishing a system to prevent the hazard from returning.  Now’s the time to talk to your OECS safety associate about implementing your 2021 Safety Action Plan.  Click here for more information about a compliance program based on your needs, https://oecscomply.com/total-safety-solution/

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