Understand the Benefits of Workplace Safety Training

Workplace safety training is essential to any workplace, whether you’re sitting behind a desk or five stories high on a support beam. Injuries can strike employees in different ways. Many of these injuries are life changing, costly, and preventable. OECS offers custom occupational safety training for businesses of any industry. You receive specific training for your industry to give your employees the best chance at avoiding injuries. We clearly and enthusiastically communicate our developed safety processes to your entire company.

There’s never a bad time to implement a safety training program that is sure to benefit your employees and give them the tools to reduce risks on the job. The benefits of our training programs don’t end when a course is over — the long-term advantages include:

  • Preparation for safety inspections
  • Fewer fines from OSHA
  • Improved employee recruitment
  • Lower insurance rates
  • Improved company reputation

High Quality, Engaging OSHA Safety Training

Keeping employee interest requires new and different training materials and interactive approaches. No one is going to learn anything from a monotone speaker standing front and center and reading lines from a page – all that will generate is unhappy employees, a need for an extra pot of coffee, and possibly a nap. OECS creates safety training presentations designed to engage with employees and encourage participation (and information retention). Our trainers are seasoned public speakers and bring a lot of personality to every presentation.

Affordable and Effective Company Training

Don’t invest in expensive training material that quickly becomes obsolete. With OECS, you get a combination of commercial training media and professionally developed training modules focused on the adult learner. Our training modules draw on our many experiences in your industry and are customized to meet your company’s individual needs (as well as all relevant industry standards). When interesting, custom occupational safety training results in fewer preventable accidents and workers comp claims, it pays for itself!

Onsite Workplace Safety Training Service

Safety starts with employees entrusted to complete the tasks they were hired to do. It is the employer’s duty to clearly indicate the appropriate way to perform the jobs being assigned within the company. Our safety consultants make it easy on everyone by keeping workers involved and informed on what is critical to ensure preventable workplace dangers are avoided. We work face-to-face with your employees and involve them in the training program. The goal of this workplace safety training service is to maintain attention, impart the importance of employee participation, and create changed behavior.

Cost-Effective Workplace & OSHA Safety Training

Choose professionals who are confident, charismatic, and experienced in delivering a training session that will engage and inform your employees – complete with demonstrations and Q&A time. Our affordable occupational employee training will help you get your company, your employees, and your entire business on the same page and in line for success.