Build Better Workplace Safety Programs

Each industry deals with different operations, materials, job environments, and daily objectives. This is why specific workplace safety programs should be developed and followed through on a company-to-company basis. OECS is the occupational safety company that will work with you to devise a customized, comprehensive plan specific to your business and industry needs. Beyond assessments and documented occupational safety programs designed to meet your workplace requirements, you also receive up-to-date information and training so you and your employees have an in-depth understanding of each process for compliance.

Developing a customized safety program for your business improves the way your team works:

  • Makes profitability a priority with fewer safety violations
  • Creates a cultural shift in the workplace that prioritizes safety
  • Impresses potential new employees with a safety-first approach
  • Prevents business slowdowns that can result from accidents
  • Stops workplace violence before it happens

Preparing for OSHA with an Occupational Safety Program

When you call our workplace safety consultants, we formulate a plan of action to keep your business compliant with the many regulations OSHA has set up. For example, OSHA performs over 2,500 safety inspections each year in Minnesota alone. You could easily expect an OSHA representative at your workplace, and the likelihood your workplace is inspected increases if an employee has reported your business, workers have suffered injuries, or your line of work is more high-risk. Prepare an OSHA safety plan and be more confident that you are providing a safe work environment that both your employees and your business will benefit from.

Get Support from our Workplace Safety Program and Compliance Experts

Make it easy for your team to utilize safe practices. Our professionals come to your location and suggest the services that would best fit your company to provide a safer environment, help lower worker’s comp claims, and gain a better outcome if OSHA were to show up for a safety and health inspection. Our occupational safety consultants offer applicable OSHA safety program services in a cost-effective manner.

Contact OECS for timely and professional solutions to workplace safety questions, issues, hazards, or concerns so that we can come out to introduce this plan to you and everyone else at your business facility. Our safety consultants are available 24/7 to ensure your safety needs are met within the timeframe necessary to your business.