What Are the 5 C’s of Safety Culture in the Workplace?

Struggling with workplace safety? Frustrated with your staff and results? Not sure where to start or what to do? Or maybe you’re concerned about how to maintain a great safety track record and keep your team energized and focused.  

What does it take to ignite a commitment that brings your safety from good to great? Wherever your company stands today, building a strong safety culture in the workplace is key to helping your company achieve its safety compliance goals.

We all share a common goal of wanting to help employees get home safely from work every day. But from a business point of view, your company can also reap enormous benefits — including a reduction in injury and illness, higher employee retention, cost savings and bottom-line growth. According to OSHA, businesses see an average of $4 to $6 savings for every dollar invested into their workplace safety programs!

Having been in the safety consulting business for 30 years, OECS has formulated an approach that we’ve seen work effectively with hundreds of companies in the manufacturing and construction industries — whether small, medium or large in size — with experienced safety personnel or without!

The 5 C’s of Safety is a fresh, new framework for building and improving safety culture in the workplace. In fact, a book about it will be released in 2022!

What Are the 5 C’s of Safety Culture in the Workplace? — An Overview

1. Commitment

This starts at the top with leadership. Have you been “tagged” as the safety leader? Have you been in the role for a while and getting stale? No worries, we’ll share with you what GREAT safety leadership looks like versus BAD. It will open your eyes for sure. 

2. Compliance

This is about setting the foundation for safety success. We’ll share unique insight into OSHA regulations and how they may represent 60% of the solution. The OECS Proven Process for safety will be discussed as well. 

3. Culture

Do you understand how you build a strong safety culture in the workplace? We draw on experts who have spent careers on culture-building. This includes safety-related insights derived from a ground-breaking study by the Gallup organization. These insights will help you make an immediate improvement on your culture. 

4. Champions

Finding and empowering them. These are the folks in your company that help you drive the positive safety change. Hear about how either establishing or improving your Safety Committee can make all the difference. 

5. Costs 

Understanding the business case for safety. This is the most powerful antidote in combating resistance to safety but the least understood. We’ll cover the facts that can quickly equip you to move your commitment to safety at the leadership level forward!

Creating a plan to incorporate the 5 C’s of Safety will equip your organization to proceed confidently into the future with a workplace protected by a strong safety culture and forward-thinking safety managers. You’ll see the results in the form of lower injury rates, reduced organizational costs and a strong workplace safety culture.

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