Workplace Safety Webinar Series
Thursday, October 13, 2022 – 11:00AM to 12:00PM
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This event is for business owners, presidents, safety, HR and plant management, construction superintendents and project managers


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Thursday, October 13, 2022
11:00 AM Presentation
11: 45 AM Q &A
12:00 PM Available for follow-up calls


Should you have a safety committee in your workplace? Whether you are required to have a safety committee due to regulatory compliance, number of employees or state guidelines, it is certainly a good idea to have one. Why?  OECS is here to give you some reasons.
Every employer would agree they do not want to see any of their employees get injured. Establishing a safety committee is one exceptional tool to help minimize an employee’s exposure or potential to injury, accidents and illness.
Most states do not require employers to establish safety committees. However, 14 states require an employee/employer safety committee at some or all workplaces in their jurisdictions.

In this FREE webinar, you will:

  • Discover why a safety committee matters and the benefits of having one
  • Find out how to avoid an OSHA citation
  • Get clear on who needs to participate and the balance of management and labor in a safety committee
  • Learn about root cause analysis and near hits for accident/incident investigations
  • Hear about how to set safety objectives and goals
  • Find out more about safety training and effectiveness

Join us for the FREE webinar and get the inside track from your OECS workplace safety experts!


Tim O’Connor, OHST, is a Regional Director and leads the safety team that serves much of Minnesota and Wisconsin. Tim has more than 26 years of progressive safety experience in program writing, job hazard analysis, hazard mitigation, hazardous materials handling and on-site field safety implementation. He has developed processes, procedures and implementation for building strong safety cultures for his clients. Tim is proficient in writing and reviewing ISNet programs and has more than 100 submitted and approved programs for numerous clients.

Bob Williams, CHST, SCST, is a field safety associate working with construction companies. He spent the past 22 years in progressive safety management, working with MNOSHA as a Site Safety Coordinator and a Safety Director for a general contractor and an electrical contractor. Bob’s experience has been in writing programs, building safety cultures, incident/accident investigations, and training management and field personnel.