Employee following safety guidelines while using equipment on job site.

ARC Fabricators Receives OECS Safety Spotlight Award

OECS recognizes outstanding clients annually through the OECS Safety Awards program. In 2022, ARC Fabricators, a custom steel fabrication and painting company, earned the OECS Safety Spotlight Award. 

We grant this honorary award to companies that have shown tremendous improvement over the past year in creating a culture of safety in the workplace. 

What Is a Culture of Safety?

A culture of safety refers to an environment in which individuals feel that their physical and emotional well-being is valued and protected. It involves a set of shared values, attitudes and behaviors prioritizing safety above all else. 

Components of a true culture of safety include:

  • Open communication
  • Trust
  • Accountability
  • Commitment to continuous improvement

Building a strong safety culture is essential for creating a workplace free from accidents, injuries and other hazards. It also fosters a sense of community and shared responsibility, where everyone is invested in ensuring that safety is a top priority. Ultimately, a culture of safety is about creating a work environment where employees feel empowered to speak up about safety concerns and take action to prevent accidents and injuries from occurring.

OECS trainer showing employees safety video.

Safety in Action: Why Arc Takes the Spotlight

During the selection process, OECS dug deep into how ARC Fabricators accomplished such a dramatic change in their safety culture, serving as an inspiration that anyone can improve. 

Read our recent interview with Dustin Edberg, General Manager at ARC to learn how you also can achieve a strong culture of safety with your team. 

How did ARC achieve its safety goals? 

Dustin: We achieved our goals by changing our safety culture and implementing different ways of approaching safety. Bringing OECS on board brought consistency to our safety culture by having our scheduled, routine safety meetings. 

Putting safety at the forefront, and making it top of mind, helped each employee feel and know that their safety, along with their co-workers’ safety, was essential. Even more important, they know that ARC Fabricators truly cares about their safety and health, too. 

What did ARC do to win the OECS Safety Spotlight Award? 

Dustin: ARC Fabricators did not intend to win any award—we simply listened to our safety professionals and team. We took advice from OECS and implemented it into our daily processes and procedures. Having that consistency with our safety culture and maintaining scheduled safety meetings created a fun, uplifting approach toward safety. 

Each employee thoroughly enjoys our Tuesday morning safety meetings. They also enjoy our OECS Safety Associate, Ari Cook, and his exciting and enthusiastic training sessions. As a result, our employees remain interested, keep their attention on safety and receive the knowledge and training to know what to watch out for.

How has ARC’s safety culture changed? 

Dustin: ARC Fabricators’ safety culture has turned around 180 degrees. Currently, we have over 600 accident-free days with no time lost! Our employees take pride in the company’s culture; they are proud and care for their co-workers, facility and equipment. 

Each employee is adequately trained and knows they should say something if they see something. We believe we’ve found a clear and safe path toward success by being very proactive with implementing the changes required to create a strong culture of safety.

Have you seen a decrease in incidences? 

Dustin: Yes. We’ve seen a decline in incidences. Any incidence/injury is undesirable, and we have always strived for a safe work environment and culture. Bringing OECS on board really helped provide a guided route toward improving ours. 

OECS brings an outsider’s point-of-view and expert knowledge and guidance to build our safety culture. During our safety meetings, for example, we are informed of the latest information and shown specific potential hazards that we may not have thought about previously.

As a result, these tools have significantly contributed to decreased incidences and injuries.

Any final thoughts you’d like to share?

Dustin: From the beginning of our relationship with OECS, I couldn’t be happier with how professional, enthusiastic and knowledgeable Ari Cook has been. 

During our safety meetings and training, Ari has been informative—not only on the specific safety topic but also on any off-the-hip types of questions that were thrown at him during our training. 

I can’t express enough how much we appreciate Ari and the whole OECS team for being uplifting, hands-on and knowledgeable. The experience has benefited our safety culture here at ARC Fabricators!

OECS safety instructors standing on safety rail in manufacturing building.

Benefits of a Culture of Safety

Advocating for safety in the workplace is crucial. It helps prevent accidents and injuries that can significantly impact the physical and mental well-being of your employees. 

A safe working environment also increases productivity and employee morale—translating into higher job satisfaction and lower turnover rates. 

By prioritizing safety, employers demonstrate that they value their employees’ health and well-being, fostering a sense of loyalty and commitment among your team. Furthermore, promoting safety can help companies avoid costly legal liabilities and damage to their reputation. 

Ultimately, creating a culture of safety benefits both employees and employers, making it a win-win for everyone involved.

So, Is Your Team Safety Oriented?

As a business owner and leader, you want to ensure your employees’ safety and your company’s success. One way to achieve this is by investing in professional safety training

By providing your employees with the necessary knowledge and skills to identify and mitigate workplace hazards, you are keeping them safe and reducing the risk of accidents and injuries that can result in lost productivity and increased healthcare costs. 

Additionally, a safety-oriented workplace culture can improve employee retention. Therefore, investing in professional safety training is a wise and responsible decision that can benefit your employees, your company and your bottom line.

Ready to get started? 

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