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OSHA Approved First Aid Kits?

What’s in your first aid kit?  Do you even have one?  What’s required in a first aid kit? And – Does OSHA even require or approve first aid kits?

Workplace hazards vary widely.  What influences the contents of a First Aid kit and the number of First Aid kits needed would be the size of the facility, the location, staff members/employees that have been trained in Basic First Aid and the availability of community medical services. Generally speaking, 29 CFR 1910.266, OSHA standards do not require specific first-aid kit contents.  Refer to Medical Services and First Aid standards in both general industry and construction, 1910.151 and 1926.50.

Employers looking for guidance to supply First Aid kits can refer to Federal OSHA referencing ANSI 308.1 – 2015  which provides employers recommended First Aid kit contents.  The ANSI standard also has a non-mandatory Appendix A.  However, Appendix A may be in interpreted as providing medial supplies. First-aid kits following the recommended contents will provide a basic range of products to deal with most types of injuries encountered in the workplace and may be adequate for a small work site.  Each Employer will need to evaluate their workplace to decide what additional supplies or kits are needed.

Basic kit – minimum contents