Find Support from Awarded Workplace Safety Consultants

Occupational Safety and Health Compliance within the workplace has come a long way and will continue to evolve. If you need assistance simplifying safety, our consultants and services can equip your jobsite, keep your employees well, and help you pass an OSHA inspection. We offer critical workplace safety services including:

Occupational Safety Assessments

Control the risks in workplace settings by identifying possible dangers and eliminating or controlling hazards appropriately. Our thorough occupational safety assessments help your entire business be on the same page, reducing on-the-job risks.

Occupational Safety Programs

Make it easy for your team to utilize safe practices. Our professionals come to your location and suggest the services that would best fit your company to provide a safer environment, help lower worker’s comp claims, and gain a better outcome if OSHA were to show up for a safety and health inspection.

Safety Training

Occupational health and safety training programs are essential to any workplace, whether you’re sitting behind a desk or five stories high on a support beam. Injuries can strike employees in different ways. Many of these injuries are life changing, costly, and preventable. OECS offers occupational safety training for businesses of any industry.


Occupational safety audits are a great tool to judge your current strengths and opportunities to improve. When you request an audit through OECS, a trained specialist will go through your procedures and facility to point out the safe and hazardous aspects of your worksite. We offer our workplace safety audits as a cost effective way to improve safety and efficiency. 

Environmental Regulations

Move beyond regulatory compliance to environmental excellence by working with the OECS team. Both federal and state environmental laws are increasingly complex, causing greater reporting requirements coupled with aggressive enforcement. Our environmental compliance management staff handles many of these regulations for companies, saving them time and money.

OSHA Assistance

As your advocate during workplace inspections, trust our experienced team to offer help and impart the confidence you may need. We’ll answer your questions, create a preparation plan, and guide you through the initial or follow up OSHA inspection.

Industrial Hygiene

Work with industrial hygienist experts trained in anticipation, recognition, and evaluation of many stressors arising from the workplace that may result in injury, illness, or impairment. Our staff conducts worksite sampling for exposure levels to chemicals, lead, asbestos, silica, mold, and noise, among other things.

Other Services

Every company has unique regulatory compliance and workplace safety needs. At OECS, our experts provide collaborative safety consulting services for a wide range of companies that need to address OSHA and environmental compliance issues as well as a number of industry-specific requirements.

Improve Your Workplace Safety: We Serve the Midwest and Beyond

Our team of Workplace Safety Consultants can also perform a number of other compliance and safety services, such as OSHA 10 & 30 hour training, Pre-Insurance Audits, OSHA 300 Log Assistance, Job Safety Analysis, MSHA eight hour training mining audits, specific safety and training, and DOT Assistance. If you have the need for one or many of our occupational compliance and safety services, contact us today!