The pandemic brings on new challenges for every business.  OECS is there to help you put together a COVID-19 Plan that meets your state’s requirements.  We’ll help you navigate these challenging times – giving guidance on what to do when one or many of your employees have COVID-19 symptoms, sharing best practices we’ve learned across hundreds of businesses that could improve your safety and productivity, and guiding you on how to handle the COVID-related impacts to your worker’s comp premiums. We’re here to help you protect the health and safety of your employees and business.

COVID-19 Safety Preparedness Plan

Given guidance by OSHA and the CDC to prevent workplace exposure to COVID-19, manufacturers and construction companies, as well as many other businesses, will need to create and implement a safety preparedness plan to protect employees through the crisis.

Whether you’re open or looking to re-open safely, this plan will help you mitigate risks in the workplace and prevent the virus from becoming an occupational hazard.

To help create clarity around what is required, OECS has created a COVID-19 Safety Preparedness Plan which includes 4 key components:

  • Informative COVID-19 Presentation
  • Infectious Disease Preparedness and Response Plan with Checklist
  • OECS COVID-19 Safety Associate Policy for Facility or Job Site Entry
  • Updated OECS COVID-19 Toolbox Talk with Training Roster


While we are guiding our clients through this process, we are also extending a special offer to anyone who needs help completing their Safety Preparedness Plan.

Please reach out (763-417-9599) to schedule a conversation about how to utilize these critical tools.  By using Zoom or other forms of virtual meeting technology, we have the ability to help during this crisis and are willing to offer 2 hours of professional safety assistance free of charge.


Just a reminder, as you work through creating and implementing your Safety Preparedness Plan, it’s essential to stay focused on your standard workplace safety policies and procedures.  A loss of focus could result in an avoidable injury at the worst possible time.

Stay focused on safety and let us know how we can help!

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COVID-19 Prevention and Response


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