About this Webinar

Decades in the safety business have shown us that most companies are NOT PREPARED for a regulatory agency visit. Amidst the challenges of keeping workers safe during normal times, COVID-19 has added another layer of complexity with managing safety in the workplace. Due to the pandemic, OSHA is increasing in-person inspections at all types of workplaces and will continue to prioritize COVID-19 inspections while utilizing all enforcement tools as it has historically done. What if an inspector turns up at your door? It can happen anytime with no advance warning. This free webinar will help you better protect your employees and make a huge difference in how your company fares with an OSHA inspector visit. You will learn how to:

  • Be prepared! We’ll cover why having a Safety Plan that includes COVID-19 measures is so important.
  • Train your leadership team and key employees on how to seamlessly handle an OSHA visit.
  • Utilize best practices, avoid costly fines, and handle the follow-up visit successfully.
  • Q & A with the panel. Join us for the inside track from OSHA and workplace safety experts!


Tim Peterson, CHST, is a 25-year veteran of OECS, performing thousands of employee trainings and audits across general industry and construction. As Vice President of Operations and a member of the company’s leadership team, he manages field operations throughout the Midwest, helping clients manage their regulatory issues with his extensive experience

Justin Stevens, CSP, is a safety consultant and regional manager for OECS. With over 16 years of workplace safety experience, he is responsible for guiding his team in providing world-class safety services to construction and general industry clients. Prior to joining OECS he served as an EHS manager for Cargill and as an OSHA inspector for the State of Minnesota. He has a master’s degree in Environmental Health & Safety from the University of Minnesota Duluth.

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