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The OECS mission is “To inspire strong safety cultures”. After almost 30 years in the safety business, we’ve learned that leadership drives culture and culture drives safety. A strong safety culture can positively impact everything – productivity, recruitment, retention, morale, customer satisfaction – and the bottom line.

We’ve witnessed across hundreds of clients in both manufacturing and construction this storyline playing out time and time again: Without committed, engaged leadership, the prospects of having a strong safety culture are slim with opportunity to capture the benefits gone.

We cover what it takes to build a strong safety culture that is shared throughout the company, from the CEO through the entire organization

This includes key concepts from the book, Safety 24/7, by Greg Anderson. Our clients love how his approach simplifies the concepts you’ll need to bring your safety culture to the next level. Including advice on:

  • Defining safety culture and how you can shape it in your company
  • Moving from compliance to a core value and belief in safety culture
  • Identifying and addressing the common barriers of a safety culture that are difficult to overcome
  • Gaining management buy-in to be leaders in safety culture development

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This webinar is for Owners, Presidents, Safety, HR, and Plant Management; Superintendents and Project Managers

Help accelerate your company’s commitment to safety. It’s our mission to inspire.


Tim O’Connor is a Regional Manager for OECS. He is a certified instructor with 24 years of progressive safety experience in program writing, job hazard analysis, hazard mitigation, hazardous materials handling and on-site field safety implementation. He has developed processes, procedures and implementation for safety culture development. Tim is proficient in writing and reviewing ISNet programs, with more than 100 submitted and approved programs for numerous clients. He is also a certified MEWP instructor. Prior to OECS, he retired from the U.S. Army, completing 24 years of honorable service.

Tim Sheehan, president of OECS, is passionate about helping manufacturing and construction firms gain the safety edge so that they can reduce their risk and exposure, while ultimately paying back a healthy return. Prior to OECS, Tim was CEO of LazyDays RV, and spent 30 years at Best Buy in a variety of leadership positions. He is co-owner of OECS with his wife, Chris Naylor, who is also a Certified EOS Implementer for the Traction business growth system.

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