Extension Cord Hazards: Looking Into Outlet Alternatives

Extension cords (cord sets), cables, and electrical cords are types of flexible cords. Flexible cords and cables are used to connect electrical equipment to a power source. Learn about mitigating extension cord hazards with this information from the OECS safety consultants. Scenarios The office doors do not seal well, allowing cold air to leak in. […]

OSHA Approved First Aid Kits? - Post Thumbnail

OSHA Approved First Aid Kits?

What’s in your first aid kit?  Do you even have one?  What’s required in a first aid kit? And – Does OSHA even require or approve first aid kits? Workplace hazards vary widely.  What influences the contents of a First Aid kit and the number of First Aid kits needed would be the size of […]

The Perfect Storm – An Employer’s Worst Nightmare - Post Thumbnail

The Perfect Storm – An Employer’s Worst Nightmare

An employee gets hurt and is sent to the hospital. OSHA now needs to be called. A day later, another employee calls OSHA on an employee complaint. What could be worse? OSHA shows up to investigate the employee complaint. OSHA also discovers that the company’s name has come up on a random list for a […]