BREAKING NEWS – OSHA Penalties Update

OSHA penalties will be adjusted for inflation after August 1
A few months ago, we brought you the news of OSHA penalties on the rise. Since then, OSHA has determined that effective August 1, 2016, penalties will be adjusted upwards. How does this affect you and your bottom line?

Previously, a “serious” violation had a maximum penalty of $7,000. As of August 1, 2016, the maximum fine is now over $12,000. Can your company afford a $5,000 increase for an OSHA citation?
And this is not just on a Federal level – one half of the states that have their own OSHA plans which are required to adopt the maximum penalties as well.

Many companies feel the penalties received are not justified for various reasons: where is the hazard; just paperwork lacking; didn’t know about that “regulation”, etc. The ideal is not to receive citations.

Does your company have the staff to stay in compliance with the OSHA regulations? Or like many companies, has safety been subject to budget cuts or has increased production demands compromised the time spent complying with regulations and required training. Do your employees take shortcuts when it comes to safety which is a good source of injuries and citations?

OECS, Inc. provides the help and expertise you need to get your company more compliant. So, as a result you save thousands in potential fines and penalties from non-compliance discovered from an OSHA audit. Do you really have a budget line item for “OSHA Violations”?