"OECS has been a great addition to our plant safety program!"

...Their staff has helped refocus the safety program, update monthly training and plant floor audits to eliminate hazards and create a new awareness of our current environment to keep our employees working safely every day. The value they add is immeasurable and I appreciate their humble approach to teaching safety in terms that employees can relate to in their daily lives, in and out of the workplace. I would recommend OECS to anyone who is struggling with their safety record and looking to improve their workplace for the safety of their employees.

-Stephen Pollok; Plant Manager, Genova Industries | Faribault, MN

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"I would highly recommend OECS."

What I appreciate about OECS, is when I called because an OSHA inspector showed up at our office, OECS promptly tried to get a hold of our trainer to let him know what was going on. When they could not reach him immediately, our ex-trainer as well as another member of the OECS team, got in their cars to race down here to handle the visit. Meanwhile, they were able to get a hold of our trainer, so he called off the other 2 and handled the inspection. We did not have to worry about anything. OECS handled everything. Told us what to do until they got here and it all went smoothly. 

Sue Christensen Accounting Supervisor

"I can honestly say I’m not sure where we’d be without them!"

We have been working with OECS for far longer than I have been with the company and I cannot tell you how great it is to know I have my own safety net to fall into whenever a safety concern comes up. If our safety consultant can’t be here in person to help with an announced OSHA audit, he sends another expert who can help. After a recent accident, I only had to make one call and our consultant was there in a matter of hours. And if I have any questions or concerns, our consultant is always happy to help and is quick with a friendly response. I consider OECS an incredibly valuable extension of our HR team at Imperial. THANKS, TIM!!!

Beth Bangston Human Resources Manager, Imperial Plastics

"OECS has been a great pleasure to work with over the last few years, while we are growing our business!"

They are helpful in our annual trainings at our company safety day, and do on-site audits once a month to help make sure we are always following proper safety guidelines! It’s a great help as a small business to have a new face come visit our different sites throughout the year and shine a light on different aspects of safety that always need addressing! Randy is always willing to answer any questions we may have pertaining to our practices, as well as, notify us if we have any part of our operation that may be a concern. Cody has also been a large help when issues have arisen and been a great colleague to call on for advice and be an advocate for our business!

Lonnie Kern Vice President, BEK Consulting

"We greatly value the engaging, in-person monthly health and safety trainings OECS provides our team as well as the on-site facility audits."

Providing a safe and healthy work environment for employees is a top priority for our company. Because we didn't have in-house personnel who were experts in identifying potential workplace hazards and making recommendations to eliminate these hazards with the goal of improving workplace safety and health, hiring OECS provided us with this much-needed expertise. We greatly value the engaging, in-person monthly health and safety trainings OECS provides our team as well as the on-site facility audits. After each audit they provide us with an assessment of potential hazards we may need to address to help prevent accidents in the workplace. OECS works closely with our management team to ensure an OSHA compliant workplace.

Kari Biesendorfer D&D Commodities

"His safety meeting topics are always very interesting and informative and his delivery style keeps you engaged and amused!"

I have known and worked with Randy Niles and OECS for over 5 years. To say that he helps make safety “fun” is an understatement. I witnessed him help make safety a top priority at my previous employer, to the point where they are now one of the leaders in the area for clean, compliant and safe environments. I was happy to learn that Randy would also be the safety leader at my new employer when I transferred jobs a year ago. We still have a ways to go to catch up to the level of my previous employer, but I’m certain Randy will help get us where we need to be. His safety meeting topics are always very interesting and informative and his delivery style keeps you engaged and amused! His knowledge of his trade is top notch. I look forward to having him help our company become safer over the coming years.

Diane Lewandowski SHRM-CP, HR Generalist/NexGen US LBM, LLC

"OECS has been a great asset to our company!"

The trainings are relevant and presented in a way that employees can find value in the message. The facility audits are comprehensive and assist our management team in making sure that we are in compliance and our employees are safe. Our programs are well-written and are reviewed/updated on a regular basis. They are always there when I have a question or concern. OECS makes my job as the safety director a lot easier…I couldn’t do it without them!

Julie Lenius Safety Director, Rapid Precision MFG | Britton, SD